Physical Properties:

Aluminum Chloride Anhydrous is derieved from the purified gases Chloride with high purity molten Aluminium. Chemically pure Aluminium Chloride Anhydrous is a yellowish white crystal which sublimes at 180°C. Only at pressures above 2.5 atm and temperature above 190°C is a liquid state.

   Product Specification of Aluminum Chloride Solution

Appearance Clear Liquid
Baume 32 Degree
Solubility Easily Soluble in Water
Iron Contain 30 ppm Max

   Chemical Properties:

AluminiumChloride is anhydrous, non-explosive, nonflammable but a Corrosive solid. It releases fumes of hydrochloride acid in contact with moist air. Any contact with water resulits in an exothermis reaction, the wiolence of which depends on the grade of Aluminum Chloride involved.


Aluminium Chloride is Anydrous is a versatile inorganic chemical which finds application in a large number of chemical reaction and syntheses.

    Catalyst in Friedel Crafts & other related reaction.

    Reforming Hydrocarbons.

    Polymerization of light molecular weight Hydrocarbon

    Electrolytic production of Aluminum melting

    Flux in Aluminum melting

    Manufacture of Dedecylbezene for Detergents

    Anthraquinones & Substituted


    Vat Dyestuffs

    Pthalocynine Green



    Titanium Dioxide

    Butyl Rubber

    Phenylethyl Alcohol

    Aromatic Chemicals

    Pesticides & Pharmaceuticals

    ALCL3 Distribution in Various Industries

    Pigment Industries (63%)

    Pesticides Industries (18%)

    Pharma Industries (9%)

    Fine Chem & Aromatic (6%)

    Others (4%)

Aluminum cloride is hydroscopic and corrosive, thus packing plays an important role in maintaining the quality of the products till end use

Product Specification
Assay-Purity Alcl3 Minimum 99%
Wate Insoluble% Maximum 0.05%
Non-Volatiles% Maximum 0.90%
Free Aluminium ppm Maximum 50
Iron ppm Maximum 100
Zinc ppm Maximum 25
Copper ppm Maximum 25
Lead ppm Maximum 10
Cadmium ppm Maximum 10
Potassium ppm Maximum 10

   Particle Size

Product Specification
Grade I < 2 mm (Powder)
Grade II 2 mm to 5 mm
Grade III 5 mm to 9 mm
Grade IV 9 mm to 20 mm

We can also supply particles size of buyers specification

We can also supply the materials of less than 20 ppm iron content

   About Packing

    25 kgs HDPE Bas with double PVC liner inside on one tonne pallet shrink wrapped.

    50 kgs / 100 kgs / 250kgs UN approved Mild Steel Drums inside epoxy coated with or without PC line

    500 kgs /1000 kgs Jumbo bags OR as per customer's requirements.

    In customer's Silo as per customer's requirements.

    Also can be packed in tote bin of different volume as per Customer's requiements.

   Safety and Storage

Aluminum Chloride Anhydrous reacts with water or moisture generating Heat and hydrochloride acid fumes which irritates the respiratory tract. Thus all areas where it is stored & handled must be dry and well ventilated. Bulk handling system must be waterproof and unloaded with dry nitroen or dry air system. Storage should be away from automatic sprinkler system and combustile materials. Direct contact with the skin cases thermal andacid burns. Safety googles, rubber shoes, rubber gloves and coveralls made of acid resistant maerials should be worn while handling the product. Any contavt with the skin or eye should be flushed with large quantities of water and a physician should be called.

Environmental questions should also be considered while handling Aluminium Chloride Anydrous as the fumes exuding from excessive exposure of the product are environmently objectionable.

Base Metal Chemicals has provided proper collection system and Scrubbers to avoid damage to the environment.