Aluminium Chloride Anhydrous is widely used as a catalyst in Friedel Crafts reactions. Although Aluminium Chloride Anhydrous, represents only a small part of the total cost in the manufacturing of various end products, the purity and the consistency in the quality of Aluminium Chloride Anhydrous has a significant effect on the quality of end product. Thus it is very important to choose a reliable source for the supply of Aluminium Chloride Anhydrous, which can provide the required grade, purity & consistency. It also finds use in Polymerization and Isomerisation reactions of hydrocarbons as well as to introduce aldehyde groups onto aromatic rings.


Powder (PA) Small Granule (GA) Big Granule (GB)
Particle Size 0-2mm/0-1 mm 2-5mm/1-5 mm 5-10mm
Appearance Whitish grey Colour Powder Whitish grey Colour Granule (Crystal) Whitish grey Colour Granule (Crystal)
Purity 99.00% Min. 99.30% Min. 99.30% Min.
Iron 50 ppm Max. 20 ppm Max. 20 ppm Max.
Water Insolubility 0.05% Max. 0.05% Max. 0.05% Max.
Water Solubility ((10% W/V) Clear Clear Clear
Free Aluminium 50 ppm Max. 50 ppm Max. 50 ppm Max.
Non Volatiles 0. 5% Max. 0. 5% Max. 0. 5% Max.
HEAVY METALS (Zn,Ni,Cu,Cr,,Pb,Sn,Ca,Mg,Mn,Zr) 75ppm Max. 75ppm Max. 75ppm Max.


Form Powder/ Crystal
Colour White to grey
Odour Pungent
Melting Point/ Melting Range 180°C( 190°C bei2.5bar) Sublimates
Flash Point Not Applicable
Flammability ( Solid,gas) Not Applicable
Self ignition Temperature Not Applicable
Explosive Properties Not Applicable
Density at 25°C 2.44 g/cm3
Bulk density at 20°C ~1200 Kg/m3
Solubility in water Soluble, React violently with water


AlCl3 Anhydrous is versatile inorganic chemical used in a large number of chemical reaction and syntheses.

    Catalyst in Friedel Crafts & other related reaction.

    Reforming Hydrocarbons.

    Polymerization of light molecular weight Hydrocarbon

    Electrolytic production of Aluminum melting

    Flux in Aluminum melting

    Manufacture of Decylbezene for Detergents

    Anthraquinones & Substituted


    Vat Dyestuffs

    Pthalocynine Green



    Titanium Dioxide

    Butyl Rubber

    Phenylethyl Alcohol

    Aromatic Chemicals

    Pesticides & Pharmaceuticals

    AlCl3 Anhydrous Distribution in Various Industries

    Pigment Industries (63%)

    Pesticides Industries (18%)

    Pharma Industries (9%)

    Fine Chem & Aromatic (6%)

    Others (4%)


     25 kgs bag packing with double PVC liner inside & Outer LDPE bag.

     50 kgs / 100 kgs / 250kgs Drums inside epoxy coated with or without PVC liner

     500 kgs /1000 kgs Jumbo bags OR can be customized as per requirements.

     Tote bin packing as per customer's requirement.


Aluminium Chloride Anhydrous is hygroscopic. It reacts violently with water generating heat and hydrochloride acid fumes which irritates the respiratory tract. Safety goggles, rubber shoes, rubber gloves made of acid resistant materials should be worn while handling the product. Direct contact with the skin causes thermal and acid burns. Any contact with the skin or eye should be flushed with large quantities of water and a physician should be called.

Store at ambient temperatures under shed, in well ventilated dry area & in airtight condition and away from incompatible substance . Handling system must be waterproof and unloaded with dry nitrogen or dry air system.

Environmental questions should also be considered while handling Aluminium Chloride Anhydrous as the fumes exuding from excessive exposure of the product are environmentally objectionable.