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   Physical Properties

Aluminum Chloride Hexahydrate is derieved from the purified gases Chloride with high purity molten Aluminium. Chemically pure Aluminum Chloride Hexahydrate is a yellowish white crystal which sublimes at 180°C. Only at pressures above 2.5 atm and temperature above 190°C, is a liquid state.

   Product Specification

Product Specification
Molecular Formula ALCL3 6H2O
Molecualr Weight 241.43
Description Colourless Delinquescent Crystals
Solubility Soluble in water
Purity min 99%

   Maximum Limits of Impurity

Product Specification
Insoluble Water 0.003%
Acidity 0.1%
Sulphate 0.003%
Iron 0.005%
Heavy Metals 0.001%
Ammonia 0.001%
Arsenic 0.0001%


  Manufacturing of Anti Perspiration


  Special Pharmaceutical Products


  Should be stored in dry and well ventilated area


 25 kg bag Packing

 250 kg HDPE Drum Packing