“To provide world class affordable product through constant innovation”

Environment Friendly:

The management of Base Metal is committed to environment protection. Substantial resources have been committed to environmental impact assessment and environmental protection management. The zero disposals ensure the surrounding from getting polluted.

A lush spread of greenery surrounds the entire campus providing harmony between environment and technology.

Commitment to Its People:

Base Metal is a strong believer of the saying “The success of a company depends on its workplace”. Dedication and sincerity comes only with the feeling that the company cares for you. Keeping this in view, Base Metal takes utmost care of its employees enabling them to perform better with each passing day.

Health & Safety Consciousness:

Base Metal has well planned safety programme for employees & also contract employees. Base Metal conducts Training & demonstration activities for Health & safety awareness.

Base Metal has well equipped Occupational Health Centre (OHC) at manufacturing unit for organising first aid & emergency.

Corporate Social Responsibility:

Base Metal has undertaken numerous initiatives aimed at developing the communities around which the Company conducts its operations. The overriding objective is to create value and ensure all inclusive growth.Base Metal is working assiduously to ensure that economic wealth is not just limited to the privileged, but distributed in a manner that benefits the marginalised sections of society.

Base Metal seeks to touch and transform people’s lives by promoting education, employment opportunities and encouraging people toward social responsibility by managing blood donation camp .

Base Metal annually organised distribution of school accessories in surrounding village in order to expose student toward education.